Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

It is the time of year for pumpkins and all things fall.  Somehow my 6 yr old daughter convinced me to let her buy a pumpkin carving kit.  So she runs in the door and begs her Daddy to take her to buy a pumpkin.  As they are leaving, I suggest he buy 2 since this will be our first attempt at carving with a kit and not just cutting out a couple of triangles and a long slit for a mouth!
In time they return with 2 small pumpkins.  I gently suggest that these pumpkins may be too small for the kit paper traceables that go onto the pumpkin.  My husband so nicely suggests that next time I should go get the pumpkins.  So moving on, I decide that pumpkin guts are messy and I don't want to touch that.  So I stay out of the way.  Lance then agrees that the pumpkins are too small so he attempts to reduce the size of the cutout using our printer/scanner.  So tack on another 30 minutes and it's time to start cooking dinner.  I look back to see this picture for most of the process ----
I soon hear "whose ideas was this anyway?" come from my husband and I thought it was funny.  For some reason, he didn't share in the humor.  So I decide to ask my daughter, who is off playing somewhere, to please go help her Daddy any way she can since this was her idea.
So finally the battle was won without much help from me thank goodness!  Because I considered this too domestic too!  Not really, I just can't stand getting my hands dirty -- weird I know but I can't help it.  So here is the finished pumpkins!

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