Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cooking Hiatus

So after a short cooking hiatus, I returned last night to the kitchen with vengeance....well sort of.  I decided to make deer cubed steak and baked sweet potatoes.  Then I decided to add Skillet Corn and Fried Okra.  Now before you get all excited for me, the fried okra was out of a bag.  The skillet corn was missing some ingredients but the rest was great!
I only had the cream cheese, red bell pepper, and corn for the skillet corn.  I thought maybe no one would notice if they didn't have green chilies or green onions in the dish.  While I'm sure those 2 items would have made the dish even better, it was edible.  Looking back, I think I am the only one who ate it though.....hmmm.
The frozen fried okra could have been better.  It was a little soggy but who doesn't love something fried with lots of salt?  So it was edible.
All-in-all no one got food poisoning so I call it a Success!

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