Monday, September 12, 2011


Thank you to the few of you who submitted recipes.  With my lack of skills, I was hoping to be bombarded with recipes to try but the few I got sound fabulous.  So to pick a winner, here is the criteria I used (remember I have no skills) --
1.  Sounds easy enough
2.  Ingredients are typical items I would have on hand or that we eat
3.  No tree nuts or peanuts as my daughter is allergic
4.  Requires one cooking method (not cooking part in one pot then more in another pot then combining to a 3rd pot!)
5.  Sounds like something my family would eat.

So now that I have established the Criteria......... The Winner is           ROB RHEW!!!!  His Veggie Soup recipe sounds super easy, requires basically one pot, and is something I think even my daughter would eat!  So congrats to Rob who wins.........$10 gift card to Lowes!  I had to revise my prize a little since a man won!  Hope you enjoy, Rob!  It will be in the mail later this week!
And thanks to Becky and Sarah for the great recipes!  I can't wait to try them all!

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