Monday, August 15, 2011

The Dreaded Laundry

Believe it or not, laundry is not something that I detest around here.  I don't mind putting it in the washer or moving from the washer to the dryer.  Yet the worse part is when the dryer is done and I, then, have to fold the laundry.  Mostly it is pure laziness but I really wish someone would invent something that would fold the laundry and place on hangers for me.
I can usually keep up with the laundry around here.  Being a family of 3 is an advantage.  I am a little neurotic at times (no comments here please)  and one of my many quirks is that I hate having to change clothes more than once a day.  So usually when I get dressed in the mornings I stay in the same thing until bedtime.  I am not one to dress in sweats, work around the house, then change clothes to go out in public.  When I get dressed in the mornings, I get dressed for the entire day.  So I keep laundry down to the minimum on my part.  Alex is very similar.  As a girl that loves clothes, she is not one to keep changing clothes during the day.  So her laundry is minimal as well.  My husband, on the other hand, gets dressed for work in the mornings, comes home and changes into lounge wear, then at bedtime changes again.
I have actually done pretty well with laundry over the years.  I have messed up a few white shirts or khaki shorts here and there.  My biggest obstacle with laundry seems to be getting out stains.  My mom is the queen of stain removal, and after fighting a tough stain for a day, I have been known to send it to her to get the stain out.  She somehow knows exactly what to do to get it out.  About a month ago, I washed a load of darks with a stray pair of khaki shorts in the mix with my blue and black bathing suit.  Lance's khaki shorts had nice blue haphazard stripes and my yellow top did as well.  Mostly, though, laundry is my most successful aspect at being a domestic wife.  If nothing else, my family could starve to death in a dirty house but we would have clean clothes!
What is the worst thing you have done with laundry?  Have you messed up a load of laundry before?  What is your laundry story?

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