Friday, August 5, 2011

Make Up the Bed or Not Make Up the Bed

To my Mother's horror, I am posting a picture of my bed on any typical day at the Hill House.  Yes, my mother would strongly encourage my brother and I to make up our beds each day growing up.  Yet as I got older I was able to slip by here and there and get away with not making it up.  I hated making up the bed.  Now I don't mind it as much as I just don't take the time to do it.
So now that I have shared my little secret, let me tell you my dilemma in my head over this.  Do I make up the bed or not make up the bed?  As the one who typically jumps out of bed, gets myself a shower and dressed and then turns around to get my daughter dressed, I do not always have time in the mornings to go back and make up the bed.  Another reason in my head is I am just going to get right back in it in about 12 to 14 hours so why bother?  For some strange reason, when visitors or our parents come for a visit, the beds are typically made up.  Why?  I have no idea.  Maybe because I am guilty with them in the house if I don't.  Maybe it is because I want to put on the appearance that I have everything together in my house, which those close to me already know otherwise.  So why?
I know that I cannot be alone in this bed dilemma.  Do you think most people make up their beds each day?  Why do you think is the biggest reason people do OR do not make up their beds each day?


  1. Hmm... I'm pretty positive that in my 50-some-odd years on this earth, there were probably two of those days - and this is stretching it! - when I did NOT make up the bed. And on both of those days, I must have - literally - been on my deathbed. I think this is one of my (many?) little pet peeves. Or, as my daughters would most likely say, another one of my obsessions. Hey, what can I say? I like a neatly made bed. Ironically, I have a daughter who is the complete opposite. Up until the day she moved out of the house, I could not get her to make her bed. She just didn't see the need. I don't think she has changed, either. Oh well... as Merle Haggard so melodically said... "Mama tried". In this instance, I tried and failed. But life does go on... maybe in my old age, I am learning to obsess a little less. (But my bed is still made, as we speak!)

  2. Im a bed maker! Everyday I take time to not only make my bed but also the other beds in the house. Every other day I use a fabric refrsher on the pillows and sheets and then change all the sheets on Sunday. I lime having the bed made because at the end of the day I like to pull back our vintage quilt amd slip between the fresh scented sheets. There have been times where I have failed and skipped on making the bed in the morning, BUT before I get in bed that night I will make it up. I just cant sleep in a messy bed!
    I also feel like making the bed helps me get started on my daily routine. Its a quick and simple task that leaves my room tidy and me feeling accomplished (or at least the start of feeling accomplished).
    Lastly, I suppose I make the beds up because my mother literally lives across the street from me and at any given time can show up for a visit. Despite that Im married with a family of my own, I wouldnt put it past her to scold me for a messy bed! ;)

  3. BrandyG -- I am oh so impressed at your extra effort to use fabric refresher on the pillows and sheets. I would have never thought of that but my family is allergic to lots of perfumes anyway so probably wouldn't have worked for us even if I was a domestic diva!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I don't have time to make my bed every day, nor do I hassle my kids 7 & 4 to make theirs either. However, I DO make sure it's made before getting into it every night just b/c my OCD won't allow me to get comfortable in order to fall asleep! I wish I had the time/energy to make it every day, but btwn FT job, PT selling 31, kids sports, husbands hobbies...I don't have much "time!"
    I say screw it Sheila, there are FAR worse things you could be doing or not doing to have your mother or others worry about!