Thursday, August 11, 2011


So I have gotten some great feedback so far and I love hearing from each of you!  Your comments have prompted a question.  So leave your answers in the comments below ---
What do you think is your BIGGEST WEAKNESS as a domestic wife?  Cooking?  Cleaning?  Laundry?  Other?
I can't wait to read your responses!


  1. All of the above!! Jason cooks dinner usually just because he enjoys it way more than I do. I can pretty much keep the kitchen clean and the living room, but deep cleaning is hard to stay up with! And laundry?!?!?! HA! I will wash, but the clean clothes stay in a pile in the laundry room and occasionally it gets folded...

    My grandmother always told me this: When you are lying on your deathbed, you are not going to say, "I wish I had cleaned my house more!"

  2. Oh that is a though one for me. I guess cooking, but if ya look at my house, you would likely beg to differ, haha!! Geez, I really suck a being a domestic wife!

  3. Mine is other and the other is quality time. :( I am so obsessed with having a tidy, organized and clean house that I am constantly telling my family " soon as Im done I'll _______". I feel guilty. I always feel like if I stay organized I'll have MORE time but it never works out that way. I wish I knew how to let things be... even if it were only for one day. :/