Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yes, I own an Iron

So my first post referred to my lack of ironing, but to squash the rumor -- Yes, I do own an iron.  A big thanks to my parents who gave me an iron and ironing board upon entering college.  Yes, that was in 1995!  Both are still in working order.  Mainly because I don't use either one but maybe once or twice a year!
My philosophy is this -- if the dryer can't help you, neither can I.  When Lance and I first got married, I was unemployed and did try to do the duty of ironing his work shirts.  Needless to say, I wasn't very good at it.  Lance would complain that I must have done it in a rush because it wasn't very "crisp" as he calls it.  Most likely he was right.  I hated ironing.  I always felt like I would iron the front side, then begin ironing the second side all while messing up the front side again.  It was like a never-ending cycle!
For a while after that, Lance would send his shirts to the dry cleaners.  It was just better for the both of us!  Over time, as many of you know my husband well, the issue of money and how much he was paying the dry cleaners nagged him.  So for a couple of years before we moved to our current home, Lance would iron his shirts once a week at night after working all day.  Now while I know most of you are thinking how terrible for him to have to work all day and then spend an hour ironing at least 5 or 6 shirts, he is the one that decided to take on that task.  He was of the agreement that I do not do a good enough job at ironing so I did not protest his new decision to save money.
After moving to our current home, Lance has decided that now that he has a 30 minute commute and little desire to do ironing himself anymore, he will gladly pay the money for the dry cleaners again.  I say thank goodness!  To those of you who tirelessly iron your wardrobe and that of your family, kuddos to you!  I truly admire each of you but do not wish that torture upon myself!  So yes, my sheets are never ironed, nor are my shirts or pants.  So there you go.  Another secret uncovered!

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