Monday, August 8, 2011

New Kitchen Rules

After years of having a few horrible meals in my kitchen, I found a great new addition to my kitchen wall.
I have served burnt rice, overdone chicken, crunch brown rice, and rubbery fish just to name a few.  We have never called for take out after such an awful meal.  We just ate what we could and laughed the rest of the way through the meal.  Lance has always been great at encouraging me even in my failures.  He has even tried to teach Alex.  So much so that one day I told her that Daddy liked this meal I was going to make.  She responded, "Mama, do you know that sometimes Daddy tells you he likes things you make but really doesn't?  Sometimes he just tells you he likes it because you cooked it and it's the nice thing to do."   Wow.  Thanks!
So the new kitchen rules wall decor is thanks to Hobby Lobby and is now my new mantra!
Do you ever have trouble in the kitchen?  Would you consider yourself a not-so-good cook?  Please share!!!


  1. Hey Sheila! I didn't know you were the cleaver creator of this hilarious blog! I didn't know we had all this in common either! Let's put it this way--my cooking is SO bad that the hubby, Sean, is the sole cook of our household. Seriously, he doesn't ask or expect me to. . . . at all! I've even messed up hamburger helper before : s He's a good sport about it too. Guess we can consider ourselves blessed to have such good hubbies to love us anyway, huh?!!!

  2. i NEED this sign! it would be so fitting in my kitchen!!