Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is the Housework Equally Divided?

I often hear wives complain about how all the housework falls on their shoulders as well as carting the kids to and from events.  While I am the first to admit that a man who works outside the home can have a highly stressful job and come home feeling exhausted, there are still those women who feel just as exhausted after taking care of the house and the children.
I want to brag on my husband who is awesome and is always helpful when it comes to taking care of the house.  My husband, Lance, usually works full time outside the home about 8 to 9 hours out of the day.  Then he comes home, does the dishes after dinner, and gives our daughter a bath most every night.  On top of that he is the one that every week will change the sheets on the bed as well as clean the toilets in the house (we have 3).  I don't mind cleaning bathrooms but toilets disgust me.  I can just imagine little germs crawling up my hands and arms as I wipe and clean the toilet.  Don't act like you have never thought the same thing!  I can't be the only one!  So my husband does that job for me!
My husband also does all the yard work because I am heat intolerant!  I only want to be outside if there is a pool and I am in it.  He works very hard not only at his full-time job outside the home, but he is awesome at helping around the house.  Actually I am probably the helper if you want to know the truth!
So what about your house?  Does your husband help out around the house?  Do you have an awesome husband like me?  Please share!

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